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Maulana Nawab khan is a Muslim astrologer whose roots are in Afghanistan. He was born in Afghanistan and learned astrology from his grandfather and father. He worked for the benefits of the people. He helped people in Afghanistan by resolving their different types of life problems by using astrology. He is very qualified astrologer who has also written various books on the astrology. His programs are also telecasted on many channels. Maulana Nawab Khan is very well known name in the world of Muslim astrology. After completing his research in the astrology at Afghanistan now he is shifted to India at…………Address: 142, sector-45, Chandigarh-Pin:160045. Contact Number: 097804 42377 for the welfare of the people. Maulana Nawab khan has delivered religious lectures in many countries of the world. People invite him to address public. His intellect and knowledge in the field of Muslim astrology always amaze people. From the childhood he is gathering the knowledge of Muslim astrology. Muslim astrology is practiced in his family from the last 150 years as his ancestors were also astrologer. Maulana Nawab khan has won many reputed awards for his services in the same field.

Islamic astrologer

Why Maulana Nawab khan is preferred by the people for Muslim astrology?

Many people from the different countries contact Maulana Nawab khan for all types of services related to Muslim astrology. Maulana Nawab khan is very experienced and highly qualified astrologer. He has satisfied many people throughout the world by providing best Muslim astrology services. Maulana Nawab khan is a spiritual hear who provides all the services related to astrology all over the world. His native place is in Afghanistan and presently he is present in India.

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What kind of services provided by Maulana Nawab khan?





-Breaking black magic.

-Removing spirits from the people.

-Curing the long term diseases.

-Love problem solution.

-Marriage problem solution.

-Divorce problem solution.

-Visa and permanent residency.

-Child problem solution.

-Success in any field of life.



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Maulana Nawab khan for Ishtikhara services

Ishtikhara is one of the methodS available in the Muslim astrology which is practiced to know about the life of the person. Maulana Nawab Khan is master in this field who can tell you about your past present and future clearly after reading Ishtikhara. Ishtikhara is not a new concept it is practiced from the ages. People use this powerful method to learn about the incidents going to happen in the future life of the person. Maulana Nawab khan is the best astrologer for Ishtikhara. You can learn everything about your future by using Ishtikhara. People feel amaze when they notice that every word of Maulana Nawab khan comes true. Maulana ji has done ishtikhara for many people successfully. Anyone can contact Maulana Nawab khan for all types of services related to Ishtikhara.

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Maulana Nawab khan for Wazifa

Wazifa is a method in the Muslim astrology by which any kind of problem related to any field of life can be resolved. There are different types of wazifa present in the Muslim astrology that are used for the different purposes. There is a proper methodology for reading every wazifa and Maulana Nawab khan knows every method of reading wazifa. If you are facing any kind of issue in your life then you must contact Maulana ji. He will first tell you the reason behind the issue and after that he will read wazifa for you to solve the issue. He very well knows that which wazifa will work for which problem.


Maulana Nawab khan for reading Dua

Dua is the most effective thing in Islam because Dua is so powerful that it can solve every kind of problem coming in the life of the person. But you must know the appropriate Dua that which dua will work in which situation. Maulana Nawab khan is having a good intellect in this field. He uses to help people by resolving their problems by reading Dua. He works for the welfare of the people. You can change your according to your wishes and wills by reading Dua but you must have the knowledge that which Dua is to be read. You can contact Maulana Nawab khan for any kind of service related to this field. Many people from around the world have taken the advantages of the intellect of Maulana ji. You can increase happiness and charms in your life with the guidance of Mulana Nawab khan.

Maulana Nawab khan for creating Taweez

Taweez is a tool present in the Muslim astrology that is used from the older times. In the older times it was used to cure the diseases of the people and after some time the scholars of the same field discovered the other benefits of the Taweez. There are many types of Taweez available in the Muslim astrology. Only the real astrologer can create actual Taweez. Many people poses to be a real astrologer but few of them are providing the service of creating Taweez. Maulana Nawab khan provides all the services related to creating Taweez. He has deep knowledge in this field. Many people contact him with their different kinds of problems and he use to help them selflessly.

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Maulana Nawab khan also known as Love Guru

Maulana ji is a perfect astrologer for solving the problems related to love, love relationship and love marriage. Maulana ji has saved many people from break up. He is master in solving the issues related to love in a very short time period. He is famous as a love Guru among the people. If you love someone but you are unable to express your feelings before that person then contact Maulana ji. He will tell you a very powerful method by which that person will also fall in love with you.You can attain love of any specific person with the guidance of Maulana Nawab Khan.

If you have lost you partner because of some reason and presently facing break up then just consult Maulana ji. He will help you in getting your lost partner back in a very short time period.

If you are in love with someone and wishing to make love marriage with your partner but your parents are not allowing you for the love marriage then you can contact Maulana Nawab khan. He will help you in getting consent of your parents without facing any conflicts at home. You will be able to make love marriage happily with the consent of your parents.

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